We Were Born to Lie?

I'm still not sure how to feel about Lana Del Rey yet. She says she was poor and living in a trailer park but then people find out her father is a millionaire..?? She says she couldn't even afford cereal but then people find out her father has been funding her career...?? She says she's never had plastic surgery...but we aren't blind boo and we've seen you circa 2009 "Lizzy Grant" if that is your real name soo...??? Even after all her lying and the fact that her new name, look, and style of music has all been chosen and produced by her puppeteers I cant decide whether or not to dislike her. If anything I feel kind of bad for her like its high school all over again and shes trying really hard to change herself so she can hang with the popular kids. Oh Lizzy or Lana or whoever you are you don't have to change the way you look and act to be popular/famous! If you're talented you'll succeed eventually, even though you completely flopped when you were Lizzy Grant and now are extremely famous as Lana Del Rey....so yeah maybe not. This speaks a lot about our society. Whatever Im going to get cheese fries. All I know is I like staring at her pretty face...some of her song are alright too.

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