Puppy Love

Im sure every little girl and boy at one point finds themselves desperately needing/wanting/crying for a puppy and/or pony. Me being guilty of all of the above end up always going to pup stores, animal shelters, (fairs and carnivals for the ponies) or just petting peoples dogs randomly on the street and risk looking like a complete dog pyscho. Mind you I'd much rather be dog obsessed than baby obsessed, I find people who get all overly excited for strangers' babies REALLY creepy.... but anyways whether its because I was too busy or my apt didnt allow dogs or someone was allergic or it was too expensive blah blah blah always something or other getting in the way of my future pup and our loving relationship. Tragic I know. That being said I still havent given up on the whole me having my own pooch. However...not having a dog hasnt stopped me from looking at dog accessories...Im gonna say thats completely normal or something. So here are just a few pics where im being a dog creeper and some cute doggie accessories.

I need/want/would die for a Frenchie ok maybe not die but still.

How cute are these Louis V collars?

These would be for PERFECT for spring & summer obviously

And these can be for a luxe night out

I can get a bit carried away considering I dont even have a dog yet but whatever a girl can dream. Dont judge me.

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