Say No to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So Im just going to vent about something that I have thought about for a very long time and I still dont really comprehend. Luckily the trend is dying down but I never got the whole "Jeffrey Campbell Lita" craze. Theyre ugly, they look excruciatingly uncomfortable to walk in and they make your feet look HUGE....HUGE. Im sure Ive seen them on everybody's lookbook and on so many fashion bloggers but what is it about that clunky looking gourd shoe that has everyone obsessing over it? Black, white, pink, blue, green, glitters, sparkles, ponies, rainbows.. ok you get the point, that shoe has come out in various colors and designs which are equally or more so hideous. Why Jeffrey Campbell? Why? I think they are the ugliest shoes ever..right under Uggs and Crocs. I get that they make you significantly taller and for short girls thats a big deal, I get that, Im tiny too and I grab any chance I get to wear sky high heels but even with my midget height I still wouldnt put those on. Not only are they ugly but Im not even going to go into the implications that are given with the name "Lita" nor the even creepier fact that sooo many underage girls wear this shoe. I wont go on because I could honestly rant about this FOREVER and if I keep going I'll probably get anxiety...or something. I leave you with a few pics. Ew.

I cant get the idea of animal hooves out of my head when i see them. Big.Neglected.Animal.Hooves.

The rocket boosters hidden inside this girls Litas are going to launch her into orbit at any moment.

The money spent on this persons hideous Lita collection couldve been saved and spent on something actually worth it like the Celine platforms from their spring collection. Pity.


I leave you with the Celine platforms Im talking about so your eyes can recover. You're welcome.

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Im Beverly.

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